Does Cancer, chemotherapy, radiation responds best with cancer?

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Does Cancer,chemotherapy, radiation respond best with cancer? Each cancer type is different. This fast disease can move quickly. The division of cancer cells have no normal restriction. In a few words the cells have gone crazy. The body loses its ability to govern them. Chemotherapy is one of the many methods of destroying cancer cells. Unfortunately chemotherapy kills the good cells in the process of getting rid of the bad cells. This treatment can leave the patient weak and dehydrated, red eyes and terrible nausea is also a by-product of cancer, chemotherapy, radiation.

Radiation is a direct treatment if the cancer is in a position of focus. Getting rid of the tumor is possible and chemotherapy is used to rid the body of wild running cancer cells. This illness is like an animal that changes color, changing in a desperate need to survive. This is an illness that requires strong medication and an even stronger will to survive. The treatments of radiation and chemotherapy are very hard on the body. Patients lose their hair and the immune system of the patient is put into jeopardy. Some people even avoid the use of these treatments and search for more natural cures. The jury is still out on these remedies and most oncologists are staying with the more streamline treatments. But there are clinics using a mixture of diet and medications working to give patients a better chance at survival with less damage done to the body.

With cancer a mixture of treatments are needed. The disease changes so rapidly there is never a sure way to handle any form of the disease, and Doctors must be prepared to change when a different procedure is called for. With proteins and cholesterol drugs all affecting the way cancer operates the body has more of a chance to fight back. Much detailed information on the various drugs used to fight cancer is available but few of these are things the laymen will use. Chemotherapy and radiation are both toxic to cancer cells and to the body, but these are a few of the treatments available.

Diet is a very important part of the cancer curing process. Some of the main foods people are taught to eat and have access on regular intervals are cancer fighting foods. The pollutants in food additives and the air have a great deal to do with the body’s inability to fight some diseases but with proper diet the body can fight cancer and other diseases more effectively.

Cancer can affect any part of the body but with proper exercise, and diet, even this debilitating disease can be fought; the more active the body the stronger the tissue. With proper blood circulation many parts of the body that are sedimentary with some will be moving and growing stronger; leaving them less susceptible to illness of any kind. Does Cancer, chemotherapy, radiation respond best to cancer? This disease responds to the combination of radiation and chemotherapy. Because of its changing nature, Doctors must use a combination approach to treating cancer. Sadly cancer, chemotherapy, radiation will be related for many years.

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