How do people manage living with cancer?

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When this phrase crosses anybody who is not a survivor, they do not realize what it really means. For those of us that are survivors, we know full well what it means. Living with cancer is really living with the treatment of cancer. There are primarily three kinds of treatments for this brutal disease. Each of them are different in how they function.

Typically there is always the first way, which, is easy to understand. There is nothing complicated about how surgery is hard to live with. It's depressing for starters. Nobody in their right mind wants to be cut on and they certainly don't want to pay for it.

Going to sleep the night before the operation is not an easy thing to do. For starters you have to get up early. Then there is the disruption in your normal daily routines. No coffee or any other fluids. No breakfast either. It really does suck, but it is something that must be done. If the doctor doesn't cut out the tumor or mass it could spread all over the body and kill you.

Living with this part is the easiest of the three cures. The patient simply does what they must to get better. They have the surgery and then recover from it. They look at the cut in their body and instantly know life will never be the same. Many of us hate the scars and develop insecurities about them. Some of us are lucky enough to have friends or family tell us what the scars mean to other people. Scars are cool because they are what shows the rest of the world we refuse to take any crap from the murderous cancer.

Once you recover enough to hear terrible news the surgeon introduces you to another guy. He is called chemotherapy and he is ruthless. This guy will turn you into the stuff of legends. Chemo goes into your body and starts killing any kind of fast growing cells in your body.

Hair leaves your body and so does your immune system. So in a quick jest of this, your skin only scars and your gums start to recede. This is the favorite cure for cancer. It's basically poison that also kills the disease.

Some people pick up a few tricks to live with cancer, or the treatment of cancer. They seem strange at first, but they do work. The best one has to be convincing your body that the feeling you get called nausea is really a sign you need to eat. Hard to do, but very much possible and worth it. Then when you are drifting off to sleep think of only your favorite breakfast foods. When you wake up you should be craving it like a junkie craves a fix.

As soon as the meal is finished, start dreaming about the next meal, and repeat the process until the end. This keeps nutrients in the body and thus helping the body keep fighting strong. A strong body means you can have more energy to enjoy life like anyone else. This is the most important thing to do when living with cancer.

When things get rough, talk to yourself and do not stop. Tell yourself you are fine, that you can beat this. Tell yourself you are beating it. Never use the words "try" or "maybe." Lie to yourself if you must, but do it until you believe it. Don't take the pity some people will offer. The only people that need pity are people that are dying and that is not you. Pity is for quitters and survivors are not quitters.

Radiation is the final method for curing cancer. This method literally cooks the cancer away. The same methods for living with chemotherapy work for this beast. Stay strong in the kind and spirit.

All in all, to live with cancer you must never give up the fight. These are tools anybody can do. Best of all they are all free to use too. Now for those about to fight, fight hard, and for those about to help someone fight, never let them give up.

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