What is the Truth Behind Alternative Cancer Cures?

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Cancer is truly one of the most terrifying of the diseases currently known to man, and many people spend fortunes looking for alternative cancer cures to help them deal with the illness. Dozens of different alternative treatments exist, but it’s important to understand whether or not they will work. Here are a few of the most common myths about the alternative cancer treatments, as well as the truths behind them:

Myth: Eating the right foods can fight cancer, and possibly even cure it.

Truth: Many foods that are rich in antioxidants, with foods like berries, tomatoes, beets, garlic, and avocadoes being near the top of the list. These fruits can help to improve your health, and they have been proven to help deal with the effects of cancer. However, studies that “prove” that food can help to kill off cancer cells are in actuality studies done using purified extracts of these foods applied to cells grown in a lab. This means that it hasn’t actually been tested on live cancer cells in human beings, and it has not yet been proven to be effective.

Myth: Giving high doses of Vitamin C via IV can cure cancer.

Truth: A 1976 article co-written by Linus Pauling stated that 100 patients with terminal cancer were given IV Vitamin C, and they actually lived up to 4 times as long as 1,000 patients that were not given the Vitamin C IV. The Mayo Clinic went on to conduct their own trials after the results of the first test were criticized, and oral Vitamin C was given with no effect on the cancer. No evidence exists to show how much Vitamin C is recommended, how much will have an effect, or how much can fight tumors.

Myth: Using glucose can be an effective cancer treatment.

Truth: The Insulin Protection Therapy tried by Mexican doctor’s in the 1930s was actually deemed unsafe by the Cancer Association of South Africa and the Mayo Clinic. While it was touted as “groundbreaking and new” when it was first popularized in the recent past, there have been no studies published since the original one all those long decades ago. A study was done and showed that there was a 7% decrease in the growth of the tumor, but other than that there were no marked effects.

Myth: Ozone treatments can help to deal with cancer.

Truth: Medical ozone has been used in Europe to help save lives, however it is still banned for use in formal testing in the U.S. by the FDA. Cancer and many other diseases are believed to be caused by a lack of oxygen in the cells, therefore using ozone for oxygenation of the body should in theory be able to help destroy the cancer cells, eliminate the pathogens, and stimulate the metabolism. However, studies of a variety of oxygenation treatments have not come up with sufficient evidence to back up the claims made by researchers studying the effects of this treatments. Ozone therapy has actually resulted in some deaths, thus eliminating it as one of the effective alternative cancer cures.

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